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Husky Avax Community Directory

Show your support for the Husky Avax community by highlighting your profile on the new website (coming soon). Fill in your information and it will be published on the community wall.
Please, all submissions to the form will be checked and verified before publication to avoid any bold, fraudulent, hateful or dangerous messages.

Display name

Name or nickname displayed on the website.

Avatar or picture

Photo or avatar that will be displayed on your profile. Warning, please respect a square format in order to facilitate the treatment. Example : 1000px x 1000px or 500px x 500px

Tell us what you like most about the project and the community

In a few words (maximum 150 characters) tell us what you like about the project and what message you want to spread!

Here is the rendering on the new website (coming soon)
If you have any questions, contact me on Telegram: